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Peter Was Just Like Us, Wasn’t He?

I just got back from small group tonight and I know that it was no mistake in going tonight. You know, sometimes you just want to sit at home and just veg out? You know what I mean. Well tonight I really felt like I needed to be there, just this strong desire to go. 

So, I went…and wow. God really spoke to me tonight, in lots of ways. One that stands out to me though is how important it is to be paying attention to what His word says and to be listening intently to His voice!

It’s so easy to miss things isn’t it? Like to only hear or read what triggers a strong emotion or thought…and take only that….

Like in Matthew 16, when Jesus tells His disciples about His death and resurrection…RESURRECTION. It seems to me that Peter only hears the part about Him dying and his emotion takes over. He tells Jesus that, “He can’t die” and “Never”…that’s when Jesus rebukes Him. Did he not hear that he said He’s coming back in three days! 

So I pray that this week we can all be sensitive to His voice, to be listening for the details.

Because He wants us all to be living our lives to the full and we don’t want to miss a thing.




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One response to “Peter Was Just Like Us, Wasn’t He?

  1. Ice ⋅

    Good word!! Faith isn’t about feelings – it’s about listening and obedience.

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