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Be Prepared!

Many people coming to church on any given Sunday morning aren’t ready to worship. Lots of things play a part in daily life to take God out of First Place in our lives, often without us even realizing it until much later. Issues at work, things to be done at home, wife, kids, etc. The list goes on!
You hardly know what you spent your week on, but now it’s Sunday morning already! Waking up late, (and getting your kids going, if you got ’em) rushing to get to church on time. You get there and BANG, worship starts, but you might as well be in a different country with the way your mind is racing about anything and everything.
The team and leadership are obviously there (ready to enter in)…cause they’ve been there all week, what with preparation and prayer…but some on the other hand are not.

So when preparing for worship during the week it’s important to keep those things in mind.
The key to help bring these people where they need to be, to experience God is to start with songs that proclaim who God is.
That immediately causes the congregation to point upward right from the beginning. In doing this their focus is no longer on themselves or what’s going on upfront; but on God alone.

After a few proclamation/gathering songs the congregation should be pretty much on the same page, to be able to seek the heart of God individually and all together.

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3 responses to “Be Prepared!

  1. watcat ⋅

    Hi this blog is great I will be recommending it to friends.

  2. Cathy ⋅

    That makes such good sense. I’m going to pass it on to our worship team. Thanks Josh

  3. Deidra Hudgins ⋅

    This is so true. I found out the same thing when I was leading worship at Timberlea baptist (or just part of the team). You might be there but they aren’t (at least not yet)

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