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Worship Preparation – Part 2

Often times I will just begin worshipping, singing songs, reading scriptures and through that I jot down title’s and passages that I feel God laying on my heart to write down. Usually, when I stop I usually end up with anywhere from 10 to 30 songs, sometimes more! And of course as we all know, it’s not always that easy. Sometimes God wants me to be REALLY getting low and seeking His will for Sunday. Which could look like many things.


More times than I can count, I’ve gone through things the week I’m to lead and usually it’s not fun stuff. The emeny attacking various areas of my life, making things really hard sometimes; of course when’s this happens we feel bad about ourselves or just start getting discouraged. So when those times happen for me, it usually drives me in even deeper into God’s embrace.

In doing that it defeats Satan’s attempts to distract you and you’re also letting God be who He is, “our Protector” and, “Deliverer”. When we are weak, He is strong!

There have been times when I really don’t “feel” like worshipping or that I’m not in it at all, even thinking about “calling in sick”, so to speak. But everytime I’ve felt that way and pressed through by just saying, “Yes”, in obedience to God, He is so faithful and comes to meet (me) and His people in ways that I could ever have imagined….I just “thought” it would be awful……Yeah we know a lot! I’m glad our ways are not God’s ways.

See ya on the flip side! Blessings,



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