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Worship Preparation – Part 1


For me leading worship is an amazing privilege. To think that God the Maker of the heavens and earth chose US and put in some of us the skills needed to do this. Wow! I guess it’s knowing that God trusts you (me) in helping lead His precious people, the very people whom He has choosen to be His royal priesthood, into His throne room and close to His heart in worship.

To me nothing could be a more serious task and one that’s not to be taken lightly. One of the most important aspects is in the preparation. During the week before (or weeks) take the time necessary to pray about what God might want to do that week and about what songs to do.

Reflecting on the portion of scripture being used in the sermon will help give you insight on where God might be leading you in preparing as well….

Come back tomorrow for part two!


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One response to “Worship Preparation – Part 1

  1. Cathy ⋅

    That’s just what I was talking about today, that’s exactly what the Lord revealed to me about you; That you have a burden from God and a gift to lead his people into worship, and as you said it’s an awesome privilege.

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