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Giving Him What Is Already His – Part 2

…So having given God His due praise, pure and selfless (which isn’t easy all the time, I know this first hand) something awesome happens. He pours into us much more than we could’ve asked for and in ways and areas we didn’t even worship2know were needing His touch. It’s this astounding “circle flow” that happens, we offer Him what we have and He pours back into us and around it goes, Awesome! 


Because it’s all His to begin with anyway isn’t it? We’re just choosing to give back our small portion to Him and He loves it. When this sort of thing starts happening in a congregational setting, where people begin worshipping God selflessly, amazing things can happen. When I say that I don’t mean, “The Church in Disarray”, I’m talking about young and old preferring each other, about deep and meaningful encounters with the living God, ones that change you and your local church’s community forever.  

When a collection of worshippers meet together (people who just want seek the heart of God) these things happen, naturally. The word, “Family”, starts to take on it’s meaning.

The people you once just stood beside on a Sunday morning, are now close friends. Now, coming together with your, “extended family”, to press in toward the heart of God and long to see what He wants to do in your church body. Going through times of learning with each other as well as the times where God is really using and speaking through you as a congregation.

To see a church that its people are helping others without being asked or because they feel an obligation to, but simply because it’s an outpouring of the love of God from their hearts……..which all goes back to having a healthy, selfless worship lifestyle. Of course this means in every aspect of your life not just musical worship. 


“The thread is ripping, the knot is slipping, love is blindness.”

Thanks for taking the time, See you tomorrow.


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One response to “Giving Him What Is Already His – Part 2

  1. Johnson ⋅

    It’s so true, a church who consistently worships selflessly is the greatest act of obedience, and the result is incredible! – The outpouring of the Spirit. I like how you mentioned that selfless worship is a lifestyle and doesn’t just refer to singing on Sunday mornings, because whenever we respond to God’s nudgings to strike up a conversation with someone we normally wouldn’t or go out of our way to help someone in need, or just do anything that by earthly standards doesn’t make sense, we are living that selfless worship throughout our day. I love this blog and look forward to reading more!

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